Terms and Conditions - Character Care
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Terms and Conditions


All client documentation is kept under secure servers and protected by Character Care’s software and network systems. Client are permitted to request any relevant case notes within the discretion of the therapist. Any other members seeking client information requires client approval/and/or must be mental health professionals assigned to the client case. Case notes can be used in a court of law as evidence. Legally we are required to keep documentation for 7 years after which it will be safely destroyed.

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Therapists and people, we care for (clients)are bound by confidentiality clauses. Any and all information discussed within the therapy setting will not be disclosed outside the venue. Content may be discussed by therapists during debriefing sessions to allow appropriate professional development and optimum care for clients

For individual sessions, therapist will not disclose information regarding the person we care for to other individuals of importance (e.g. parents of child), unless approved by the client. These same principles apply for couples and families who are seen as a “unitary client.”

Counsellors are notmandatory reporters, meaning, any sensitive information you wish to remain private will remain confidential. If a counsellor suspects the client may inflict harm onto themselves or others, a report may be given to the appropriate authorities, people of concern, and supervisors, however this is not mandatory and will be discussed with a supervisor and client before any action is taken. Although counsellors are not mandatory reporters, case notes are legal documents for any court actions and might appear as evidence in a court of law.

Psychologists are under certain industry regulations for reporting. If referred by other health professionals or if the client is under a Mental Health Plan, reporting will occur. Reports will not be open to public viewing and will therefore be under the confidentiality agreements set by your referred health professional. In the absence of a referral from other health professionals or mental health plans, if the psychologist suspects the client may inflict harm onto themselves or others, a report may be provided to the appropriate authorities, people of concern, and supervisors.

Code of Ethics

All practitioners abide by regulatory codes of ethics. If you wish to learn more about your therapist’s code of ethics, please enquire and you will be directed to the relevant information and resources. All therapists are registered with an Australian industry regulator and must abide by these codes in order to practice. If you feel as though a breach has occurred, please contact our manager or receptionist who will escalate the issue to find a resolution with all members involved. In the event a resolution is not found, reporting to the industry body will occur. In exceptional circumstances, third party officials will be involved immediately.

Conflicts of Interest

During any time of the services we provide, if a matter of conflict of interest arises, it is both the responsibility of the therapist and/or client to cease the service. A therapist will deem a situation as a conflict of interest and refer the client to another one of our therapists. Conflicts of interest can include but not limited to: family members, previous relationships, friends or acquaintances, financial influences.

Bookings and Cancelations


Bookings will be made via telephone call to our reception. Our scheduling system is based on therapist time availability and is subject to change, in negotiation   with clients. Any changes desired by Character Care, the client will be notified within  48 hours. In the event of an emergency from our therapist which requires a  cancelation, we will endeavour to reschedule your appointment at the earliest  convenience or if accepted, another therapist could be arranged. Bookings are essential and walk-ins will only be accepted if a therapist is available for a consultation.


In the event a client needs to cancel an appointment, a minimum 48 hours must be  provided in order to cancel your appointment. If the client has not provided the required 48 hours’ notice of cancelation, your full fee will be charged. This fee is not available under Medicare rebates.


Payments for all services are required upfront, in full, and prior to your consult.  Payments are accepted over the phone, account deposit transfers, or at our reception. Your fee has been carefully priced determined by our specialised unique service and market trends. All prices are non-negotiable. We stand by our service and experience to understand what we deliver will provide a unique hospitable experience to best serve our client’s needs.