Character Care
Schools Mental Health Program

Character Care – Mental Health Program

We are passionate about mental health education. Our facilitators are dedicated to empowering youth by drawing upon language and shared experiences which young people can relate to. Our content is evidence-based and student-centred, and encourages participation via questions, quizzes and role play to help promote deeper understanding.

We offer a variety of engaging, meaningful and empowering offerings for your school, including:

  • Sequential Incursions (half and full day)
  • Staff Professional Development (half day)
  • Targeted Mental Health Presentations (60-90 minutes)
  • Specific Mental Health Training Courses (6-8 x 90-minute courses)

Sequential Incursions

Our incursions are designed to dig a little deeper into the realms of mental health. Character Care strongly advocates for transforming mental health culture into one that is proactive and supportive, rather than reactive and negative. To do this, we offer full-day, interactive mental health incursions to explore mental health. Our programs are designed sequentially, but can be adapted to suit your school’s unique needs. Check out our sample program below.

Empathy & Emotions Program

1.Introduction of Mental Health

  • Ice-breaker activityto mentally and physically engage students at the start of the day.
  • Overviewof the program’s purpose and an outline of the day’s activities.
  • Purposeful language to reinforce a common framework of mental health care.


2. Exploration of Empathy & Emotions through Story-telling and Activities

  • Looking Out Someone Else’s Window
  • Character Care’s Catwalk
  • Emotional Attunement Activity
  • How to be Emotionally Supportive


3. Take Home Thoughts & Big ups

  • Grounding Activityto bring students back into the present for the end of the day.
  • Take Home Tools for students to reflect on and use during their mental health journeys.
  • Big-Upsallowing students to voice their support for the people around them.


This is just one of our programs on offer. If you would like further details on this program, or information about mental health first aid,  please email us.

Staff Professional Development

Our Staff Professional Development programs are designed to educate and empower your staff to help create a supportive mental health culture within your school.

These programs for mental health training for teachers are run by our accredited mental health facilitators, who are trained to deliver evidence-based tools and strategies to help equip your staff to feel competent in providing support to other staff and students in mental health-related incidents.

Some of our programs that can help achieve this include:

  • The Incidental Counsellor
  • Psychological First Aid
  • Supporting Students
  • Self-Care in the Workplace
  • …and more!


For additional information about each program, please email our team for descriptions and quotes.

Targeted Mental Health Presentations

Our Targeted Mental Health School Presentations guarantee evidence-based content on specific mental health topics to help educate and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to care for their own mental health. Our goal is to equip students with a proactive mental health school workshop to  mental health by supplying them with strategies to manage mental health problems as they arise.

Some common topics we can help your students navigate with greater confidence include:

  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Relationship Problems (e.g. family separation, peers, and friendship groups)
  • Eating or Body-Image Issues
  • Self-harm and Suicide
  • Bullying (including cyberbullying)
  • Abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual)
  • Feeling Sad or Depressed
  • Substance Abuse
  • Addiction (gaming, vaping and general screen time)
  • Emotional Intelligence (emotional regulation, knowledge, understanding)
  • … and more!

Our presentations have been carefully curated by our mental health student support team of educators, parents, counsellors, and psychologists.

What you can expect in each presentation:

  • Psychoeducation around the diagnoses related to each presentation topic.
  • Proactive strategies to identify negative behaviours and intervene before they develop further.
  • Examples of how to seek support to improve your mental health.
  • Mental Health training for how you can help those around you with these issues.
  • Education around potential risks that may arise if support is not received
  • An encouraging environment to support students’ active engagement with mental health topics in conversation.

Specific Mental Health  Training Courses

Our Specific Mental Health Training courses empower those attending to engage more positively with different mental health-related topics. These 8-week courses include student wellbeing presentation which equip participants with tools for managing different concerns and resources for accessing real-world support.

Some of the topics our Training Courses cover are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-Harm & Suicide
  • Advocacy (speaking out and supporting others)
  • Resilience
  • Group Supports
  • Anger Management


If you would like further details about student wellbeing workshop, or have enquiries about student wellbeing incursion, you would like to see offered through our Training Courses, please email us for more information and a quote.