Character Care
Regional and Rural Program

‘Your Story’ – Empowering Positive Mental Health through Narrative Therapy for people in Regional and Rural Australia

Rural and regional Australia has a diverse and rich culture founded on hard work, moral standards, and resilience in times of hardship. The great Aussie battler is indeed battling but it is more than the scope for opportunity, environmental and political impacts that are affecting these regions. The challenges of geographical location can easily be a case of having the mental fortitude and awareness to stand strong behind the narrative of one’s character, representing who we are and where we have come from. Both youth and adult alike are never exempt from the mental pressures that cross their paths when faced with remote and challenging situations.

Enter ‘Your Story’! All too often people carry a lifetime of experiences in their sub-conscious and rarely do we have the opportunity to check in and celebrate what we have achieved. In a society dominated by media drama and keeping up with social norms it can be very easy to lose our sense of identity.

‘Your Story’ encourages individuals to be mindful of the key people and incidents which have influenced positive growth and character development. We encourage all participants to approach the program with brave, open hearts and minds.

Our mission is to deliver a proactive and positive approach, to recognize even in times of adversity, we must strive to write and tell the next chapter based on the growth we have received from our encounters. As opposed to taking the easier option of being in the reactive phase of reliving the challenges that can easily plague and take over our mental well-being. Similar to our indigenous heritage, our regional and rural people can find personal and community strength in sharing their narrative.

‘Your Story’ has been delivered across youth and adult alike and has seen incredible uptake and support in therapy, schools, and organisations across South East Queensland over the past 12 years. It is now time to share the success of this program with the rest of the country.

We are strong advocates of finding the good. We acknowledge the significant challenges experienced in regional and rural Australia but we want to support all members to celebrate and share the great advantages of living a life committed to regional and rural communities.