Reflecting Team Therapy - Character Care
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Reflecting Team Therapy

Reflecting team practice is a unique way of hosting therapy. Our Reflecting Teams offer a variety of ways to view your presenting issues and strategies to overcome them. They sit from behind an observation mirror as to not impede on your session with your primary therapist. After some time, the team will switch places with you and your primary therapist to discuss ideas about your presenting issues, highlighting your strengths and relating it to their understandings of your desired future. Once their discussion has concluded, you will then switch back to discuss with your primary therapist about what you can take away from the experience. Very few clinics offer this unique service, which is an evidence based approach for positive outcomes.


How and what they care for:

  • Collaborate with yourself and primary therapist
  • Co-create your personal meanings and desired futures
  • Provide offerings from your life experiences and language
  • Character enhancement
  • Affirmations
  • Goal setting and strategy development

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