Reflecting Team Practice – A Unique Way to Collaborate

At Character Care, we have been partnering with universities to further develop our evidence based practice. Recently, we asked placement students to write a blog about their experience while working with us. One of our unique services is Reflecting Team Practice. Reflecting Teams have been around in therapy for some time however, the post-modern/client focused approach emerged in the late 80’s. Since then, it has been tweaked and refined to produce positive mental health outcomes, yet rarely is it available to the public. The historic notions of group counsel are aligned with Character Group’s core philosophies and we are excited to offer this Psychology or Counselling service in Moorooka, Brisbane. Having a team offer multiple perspectives, focused on your strengths and goals provides a platform for preferred futures of the people we care for.

The Process: A person would meet one of our therapists and the team. Half way through the conversation, the team is invited to offer what they heard while the person we care for listens in. Once the conversation is over, the therapist will collaborate with the person we care for about their ways to move forward with their issue.

Here is an insight into the process from Annie O’Neill.

“When beginning my placement with Character Care I had no idea about the style of Reflective Team counselling. One of my biggest uncertainties was the use of a two-way mirror, my mind immediately went to a police interrogation room, not something you want to be thinking about in a counselling session. I found there was little information out there on reflective team counselling when I did the usual google search and I know that peer reviewed articles can seem a bit daunting at first glance. However, upon arriving at the Character Hub in Moorooka, Brisbane, my mind was completely changed. Although the idea seems daunting, the rooms at the Hub provide an extremely relaxed and comfortable environment. The two-way mirror is a lot less intimidating in person and you barely notice it in the room.

The reflective team, I believe, is an extremely important part of the therapy and underestimated. Observing and also being a part of a reflective team has taught me many things about Counselling. My first experience of observing a reflective team was a mock team of other placement students. The ‘client’ at the end of the session explained how beneficial it is during a counselling session to hear more than one perspective of a problem. The reflective team also highlight the positive behaviours, attitudes, and values of the client to contribute to their preferred futures. Just a few minutes of constructive positive feedback can have such a great effect. 

My experience with reflecting teams has provided me with numerous lessons, most importantly, not to be so quick to assume. Although the idea of being observed by a group of people can seem a bit overwhelming, it is very much the opposite. A lovely metaphor to demonstrate the process is “the therapist turns over the soil and the reflecting team find those little pieces of gold”. Those little pieces of gold are very important, and I encourage anyone who is feeling uneasy about the idea, to not make a hasty decision: good judgement comes with experience.”

– Annie O’Neill

If Reflecting Team Practice sounds like something you might like to try, drop us a line and we can accommodate you. We also offer standard 1-1 consultations, with individuals, couples and families. We want to hear your story and collaborate the next chapter with you…