Character Care
Mental Health in Business

Mental Health in Schools, Mental Health in Business

We provide workshops with therapeutic outcomes for a variety of client groups and presenting issues. In school contexts, we can support your students to converse in a group format, to discuss current relevant issues present in our society. Furthermore, we acknowledge, understand, and appreciate the challenges presented for our modern teachers as the classroom and workplace dynamics can be difficult to manage personally. Additionally, we offer supports for our corporate world as the pressure to succeed and produce is evident within our capitalist culture. We provide services at our Character Hub or alternatively, we can come to you! Some topics may include:

  • Bullying and Group Dynamics in School and Corporate Environments
  • Anxiety/Depression Awareness, How to Deal and Help Others
  • Social Media Dynamics – Cyber Bullying, Safety, Validation, Disconnection
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Divorce, Family Breakdown
  • How to Sell Yourself – You are Your Resume!
  • Permission to Speak – Social Stigma about Boys/Men Discussing their Feelings
  • Suicide Awareness and Influences
  • Work Place Stress
  • Teacher First Aid, are you looking after yourself?
  • My Boss!
  • Who am I? Who are you? And what does it all mean..?