Character Care
How to Refer

Below are details outlining the process of referrals for our services

Medicare - Mental Health Care Plans

If you wish to book a consultation with one of our psychologists, you can simply call or email our administrative team to make an appointment. If you have a mental health care plan (MHCP), you are potentially eligible for rebates through Medicare and will require a referral from your GP or current Doctor. Through the Better Access Initiative you may be eligible for up to 20 rebated sessions with our psychology team. If you already have a MHCP you can get your GP, Psychiatrist or Paediatrician to send this through to us. If not, visit your GP to find out whether you are eligible for these rebates or check online.

GPs and Doctors can fax their referrals to us on (07) 3277 7009 or email

Private Health Insurance

Psychology services are partially covered under all private insurance policies. Each private insurance company has their own policy and coverage rates for psychology consultations. Please contact your provider to gain an understanding of your coverage for psychology services. 

Under certain Private Health Insurance policies and packages, you may be eligible to have your insurance company cover portions of therapy. For counselling coverage, the following providers support you for therapy, under certain packages agreed between you and your provider*. Our counsellors are recognized providers for the following private health insurance agencies: 

  • Medibank Private
  • Doctor’s Health Fund
  • Police Health Fund
  • AHM
  • GU Health
  • Bupa
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • St Luke’s Health
  • Emergency Services Health

*please check with with your agency prior to booking, as not all services provided by Character Care are covered with each insurer

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Character Care is a registered provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme providing therapeutic services within our community. Our psychologists and counsellors have extensive experience working with people with disability, whom are qualified and recognized by the NDIA.

In order to access our services through the NDIS, you must be an eligible participant of the scheme with allocated funding in the Capacity Building section of the NDIS. We offer Therapeutic Supports (0128) for the following services:

  • Counselling (15_043_0128_1_3)
  • Therapy Assistant – Level 1 (15_052_0128_1_3)
  • Therapy Assistant – Level 2 (15_053_0128_1_3)
  • Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy or Training – Psychology (15_054_0128_1_3)

If you have been approved for these supports under your NDIA plan, please contact us where we will discuss options to provide the most sessions and support for your funding. If you wish to speak with us further about this referral pathway, please contact us today!

WorkCover Queensland

Our psychologist and counsellors are registered with WorkCover Queensland to provider clients with the best support during difficult times. If you have suffered a workplace injury and need psychological support, please contact us further to discuss how we can help. With locations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast our reach is wide to help as many people as we can to support and create a safe environment for growth and care in a trying time.

No Referral Needed!

All of our team offer fee for service counselling sessions. If you do not believe you are eligible for any of the aforementioned referral pathways you can always come in to see one of our team under fee for service counselling or psychology. The prices for this are on our individual therapy page however if you are facing financial difficulties, we are willing to assess your situation and come to an arrangement for our services. The most important thing is that people are supported during difficult times in their lives.

If you wish to speak with us further about this referral pathway, please contact us today!

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Our teamwork work with a multitude of different EAP services to deliver individual, couples, family, child and adolescent counselling. To get a referral first contact your workplace to find out who your EAP service provider is if you do not already know, then get in contact with them to see how many sessions you are eligible for covered completely by your workplace. You can ask your EAP provider to refer specifically to us if they are one of the following:

  • Lifeworks
  • SMG Health (recently acquired by Lifeworks)
  • Converge International
  • Eudoxia
  • Access EAP

Once we have received your referral, we will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment with one of our many skilled psychologists and counsellors. If you wish to speak with us further about this referral pathway, please contact us today!