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Looking for a couple counselling service in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast? Our professional counsellor provides the best relationship counselling service depending on the nature of problem. Call us at 0731897234
Couples Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling
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Couples and Family Therapy

Professional Couples Counselling by Experienced Therapists


Relationship issues can be stressful and troublesome. When faced with challenges, it can be beneficial to talk to a counsellor who knows and understands the dynamics of relationship dynamics. When you are going through a difficult phase in your relationship, we at Character Care are always ready to help you in getting on the right path for your preferred future.

Building and maintaining a healthy relationship can take time and effort from all involved. However, even healthy relationship can be affected by certain challenges the world throws at us. The counsellor can help to identify these challenges and discover with you, ways to strengthening your relationship with your partner/family.

Relationship problems can appear at any age or time. Exploring actions for change can improve our mental health and well-being for all involved.  Relationship challenges can affect not only your personal life but other areas of life as well. Taking a proactive approach with on of our therapists by your side, we can make changes to improve all areas of our life.

How We Carry Out Couples Counselling?


At Character Care our expert professionals take a variety of approaches when providing couples counselling.

Therapists begin by developing rapport with all members involved in the session. All members will feel as though the therapist is there for everyone, not any one individual in the session. Together, the story will be explored to understand where changes can be made and how, based on the strengths and resources within the relationship unit.

At times, couples can develop expectations within their relationship and when these expectations are not met it can create conflicting ideas. Clarity around these expectations provided by our counsellors, can pave the way to setting constructive relationship goals.

Why Choose Us?


If you think your relationship with your loved one needs some support and care, explore couples counselling, talk to us as we provide:

  • Highly experienced couples counselling therapists
  • Constructive approaches to finding solutions
  • Friendly counsellors who understand the needs of the couples
  • Affordable therapy sessions

Get in Touch With Us to Help You In Finding Solutions

If you are facing relationship challenges that are affecting your personal and work life, talk to us at Character Care, where the best therapists can provide couples counselling. During counselling sessions, we will collaborate ways forward and potential step by step actions for change by taking a variety of approaches. So, get in touch with us today to book your session.

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