Counsellor Brisbane | Counselling Teenagers in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
Experience the best counsellors for effective help with mental health and also for teenagers problems. Our counsellors provide the best counselling session for both personal and work problems
Counselling teenagers, Counsellor Brisbane
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Qualified Counsellors in Brisbane 


Our highly qualified counsellors in Brisbane at Character Care have specialised skills and years of experience to collaborate solutions and ways forward with the challenges life throws at us. They are professional, passionate, patient, and compassionate to empathise with those in need. Our therapists explore client narratives to inquire and have a deeper understanding of the situation they are in and identify the best way forward.

Indeed, ever since we started our journey, our mental health counsellors have been working with people of different age groups from various walks of life and diverse socio-ecnomic backgrounds, addressing a wide range of issues.


Our professionals at Character Care work with individuals of different age groups, families, and couples to develop and foster healthier interpersonal relationships, and at the same time, help to improve psychological well-being. Our team consists of qualified counsellors for teenagers as well as adults, addressing various challenges in their day to day life.  Therefore, you will find  counsellors for anxiety as other challenges in life.

Why consult a counsellor from Character Care? 

When you are in pursuit of counsellors, it is recommended to find a qualified professional who not only has the requisite experience, but people of good-hearted Character. This is where we Character Care makes a difference. With years of experience and expertise to address various types of issues for individuals of different age groups, our counsellors will do whatever it takes to support and collaborate a resolution, using all their skills, knowledge, and various attributes. Indeed, we at Character Care ensure that every counsellor we have meets all the requisite standards, which are needed to assist you appropriately. In fact, we have in place qualified supervisors, carrying out professional supervision for counsellors to ensure they meet the requisite qualitative parameters while serving the people we care for.

What are the key attributes of our counsellors? 


All our counsellors have the following key attributes….

  • They are qualified,  competent, and adequately experienced
  • All of them are selected through a rigorous selection process
  • They undertake systematic quality assurance
  • All of them regularly participate in various professional training courses
  • They are all accredited and registered
  • All of them operate in a perfectly professional and conducive environment, wherein the privacy and comfort of our clients are considered the top priority.


If you have come across the website of Character Care using phrases like ‘counselling near me’ you are at the right place. CONTACT US now to know further details about us and book an appointment.

Our Therapists

Matthew Bates M.A.C.A., & College of Supervisors

Counsellor and Supervisor

Matthew Bates is our lead counsellor and practice manager at Character Care. Matthew has worked closely with the Character Group over the past few years and shares the unique philosophies and values of the organisation, which permeates in his practice. With a client driven focus, Matt uses client world view and language via Narrative and Existential techniques, having studied a Bachelor of Psychology and Masters of Counselling, gaining qualification as a counsellor and psychotherapist with Australian Counselling Association membership.


Over his life, Matthew has been an athlete and coach within the baseball community having represented his state, country and played collegiately (USA) and professionally. Coaching a variety of age levels has provided a genuine approach to understanding how individuals learn about themselves uniquely which has shown benefits in his practice. In the Counselling profession, Matt has worked within the disability sector, working with families and systemic organisations to facilitate growth and NDIS transitioning. With Character Builders, Matt has been a lead facilitator producing skills and values aligned with Character Care practices. Also during his professional life, he has supervised aspiring mental and allied health professionals, providing further leadership and educational attributes.


Matthew is passionate about mental health, understanding how 21st century ideals of healthy living are sometimes overshadowed by the demands of everyday life. The importance of the client’s own life understandings, skills and resources are paramount to collaborating preferred futures.

Margarida Sousa Ramos M.A.C.A

Counsellor and Social Worker

Margarida is a Social Worker and a Counsellor with both national and international experience. In Portugal, she mostly worked as a Case Manager in Child Protection, dealing with children who were exposed to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect. Not only did she have to understand these children’s unique experiences, she also had to work closely with their families, schools and community in order to provide them with a safe environment as well as the necessary opportunities and tools to strive in the face of adversity.


In Germany, she worked with immigrants and refugees, trying to understand their stories and communicating them to the general population with the intent of raising awareness to the conflicting feelings experienced by these individuals. In Australia, Margarida has been focusing on her development as a Counsellor and is still working with school-aged children and adults in this context. She strongly believes that we can overcome even from the most difficult situations, learn from them, and evolve as individuals.

Menaka Thomas M.A.C.A., & College of Supervisors


Menaka is a qualified Counsellor, Physiotherapist, Yoga Therapist, and Registered College of Supervisors with ACA. She has extensive experience working in the human services sector with children and adults living with the effects of mental health issues, disability, grief and loss and chronic illness.


Menaka is passionate about the interrelationship and interdependence of mental and emotional health with physical well-being. She herself has experienced the effect of chronic disease on the mind and body and has come to value the importance of working to integrate all aspects of health, both physical and emotional.


Menaka’s knowledge and skills in the diverse fields of Counselling, Yoga and Physiotherapy help her to provide an integrated, whole approach to the individual and their quest to improve their health and well-being. She incorporates the approaches of Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy into Counselling conversations. She values collaboration and the work of “journeying with” clients to help them move closer to their preferred ways of being in the world. Menaka is also known to throw out the old Yoga mat, if and when the client indicates that Yoga Therapy could be a useful tool to help them move forward!


Menaka is also passionate about practice and skill development and loves teaching, sharing and interacting with peers  through workshops and seminars. She has developed and facilitated many workshops for various community organisations all over Queensland.

Katherine Desoe M.A.C.A.


Katherine is a Registered Nurse and Counselor with experience collaborating within multidisciplinary teams and navigating the health care system. She is enthusiastic about supporting individuals to unlock their full potential. Working as a Registered Nurse, Katherine is experienced in working with people of all ages, and caring for individuals from differing cultural backgrounds.


Every individual is unique and Katherine strongly values the lived experience, using her personal experiences as an opportunity to empathize and deeply connect with clients through an understanding framework. Passionate about facilitating positive mental well-being, Katherine strives to celebrate each client’s individuality. One cannot have assumed perceptions of another’s circumstances, with this in mind, Katherine works collaboratively with her clients providing an individualized, non-judgmental, client centered practice.

Robert Sayers M.A.C.A. & College of Supervisors


Rob is a registered counselor and member of the ACA College of Supervisors, who enjoys working, walking alongside and collaborating with people of all ages and backgrounds. Holding a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Counselling, Rob works from a person-centered, integrative model of counselling including aspects of narrative, acceptance and commitment therapy and more.  He acknowledges each person is the expert in their own life and experience.  Rob priorities authentic connection in the counselling relationship and recognizes the importance of each person being genuinely listened to and feeling heard.


Rob has particular interest in working in ways to assist people to develop their own intuition and innate ability to know what the best way forward for themselves is, and then to begin to make positive changes in their lives. Rob has experience of working with clients through a spectrum of concerns, some of which include matters around identity and self-concept (including gender identity); impacts of physical, emotional or sexual abuse/assault; loss and grief; relationships (romantic, family, friendships); self-harm or suicide related concerns; disability related matters; school or workplace bullying; mental health and many others.


Guidance in mindfulness and meditation can be offered also, as a means for dealing with stress or the future/past thought habits people experience as aspects of anxiety or depression.  With over 20 years’ experience in community organisations and a background in the disability sector prior to working as a counselor, Rob has been amazed and moved by the resilience of individuals and families through challenging life experiences.


Rob also has experience of working with people for whom speech is not their primary method of communication.  Examples include people who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices such as Lightwriters and Proloquo2Go on iPads.  Additionally, Rob has experience working with both foreign language and sign language interpreters.

Rebecca Rutter M.A.C.A.


Rebecca is originally from Canada and offers a wealth of experience as a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Counselling. Rebecca offers a warm approach and is skilled in providing intervention for clients with low mood, anxiety and stress. Rebecca offers practical solutions for mums and dads to adjust to the emotional and physical changes after a new baby, to reduce overwhelming feelings and to choose how they want to show up as parents and partners.


Bec has a keen interest in Horticulture therapy using practical and stimulating ways of exploring your narrative. Trained in Narrative and Solution Focused Therapies, integrating these tools and the Character Garden could offer a variety of different ways to engage in therapy with Bec at Character Care.

Fiona McMaster M.A.C.A.



Fiona is a counsellor and has significant experience in the Mental Health and Alcohol and other Drugs fields. She worked for four years as a mental health rehabilitation practitioner, and prior to that as a drug and alcohol counsellor, as well as in general community practice. She has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups, providing support in many areas of people’s lives. Compassion, hope, courage and balance are central themes in Fiona’s work, as is the importance of a strong therapeutic connection between counsellor and client. 


Fiona’s collaborative style utilises an integrated model, drawing from multiple different therapies in response to her clients’ specific needs and goals. These include Solution Focused, Narrative, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  These are underpinned by a Strengths-Based approach, which seeks to help clients gain awareness and clarity around their inherent strengths – highlighting their ability to navigate their problems towards resolution. 


 Fiona ties her work together through an existential approachwhich highlights the importance of people finding meaning in their existence. She helps clients to reflect on the way they ‘exist’ in the modern world, and how it can affect them physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically – providing support where they believe they need it. With a focus on values, identity, and the freedom to choose, clients are empowered and encouraged to create the life they want. Fiona is passionate about acknowledging the human need to question, analyse, change and make peace with our lives, and has seen the broad positive impact it has on a client’s ability to deal with their problems. 


Fiona has completed a Graduate Diploma of Psychology and Masterof Counselling, and brings with her a great depth and breadth of life experience. She is a strong believer in the positive influence of gratitude and nature in people’s lives, and strives to include these in her own every day. 

Justin Seto M.A.C.A.


Justin is a qualified counsellor and workplace assessor. He has extensive experience working with people with disabilities, addiction, and mental health issues in the community. Working with these diverse groups has given Justin an understanding of the wide-ranging issues that people face and how it can impact on all facets of life and family. 


Justin is passionate about journeying with people as they experience the difficulties of life which can sometimes seem very overwhelming. He believes that providing a safe and contained environment where these experiences can be unpacked, deconstructed, and examined to make meaning empowers people to make long-lasting positive change. Justin aims to build a strong working relationship with his clients and assist them overcoming the barriers that are preventing them from making positive changes in their life.  


Justin takes a flexible approach in his counselling practice. He believes that everybody is different and what works well with one person may not be right for another. He integrates a range of approaches into his counselling including but not limited to narrative, person-centred, solution-focused, cognitive-behaviouraland strengths-based. Justin also appreciates the value of creative and expressive therapies which can open rich avenues of discussion and exploration. 


Justin enjoys connecting with clients and has found it to be a rewarding process as he journeys with them on the move towards long-lasting positive changes in their lives.